Marc Pasteau

While still a student, Marc Pasteau founded Kali Son in 2002, a venture committed to recording and sound engineering. Kali Son has since branched out with the creation of Kali Net, whose goal is to provide outstanding high quality live webcast. Appart from Kali Son, Marc Pasteau is currently developping a degree course specializing in audio technics at the French conservatoire of Annecy, France where he teaches recording and post-production classes.

Jean-Pierre Loisil

Jean-Pierre Loisil worked as artistic director for Radio France (French Public Radio) from 1990 to 2000. From 2000 to 2007 he was responsible for production and artistic direction for theFrench CD label Naïve Classique. Jean-Pierre Loisil recently joined the Kali Son team to provide live concerts on the web through Kali Net. As a consultant in the whole scope of musical distribution and new media, Jean-Pierre Loisil is frequently required as artistic director in a great number of audiovisual productions.

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